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Design By Necessity


If you're anything like me, it's taking you forever to launch your website. I know. I was there.

It has to be perfect. It has to represent you.

When potential clients check it out, you want to WOW them and convert those visits into sales.


Where do you begin?

It's overwhelming. There are so many choices out there.

How do you decide what to do when you can't even decide what to watch on Netflix?


Should you make it yourself?

Or do you pay a giant firm more than you need to for something you don't really need?

What does it look like? What does it say?

How do you get people to buy what you're selling?

How do you focus on your business and do all of this at the same time. Quite frankly...

It's a lot of work and you don't have time to do it.


It's simple.

Choose Design By Necessity.

I will take care of the entire process. No need to stress. Together with your help, I will design and build for you a stylish and functional website, that's an extension of you and your business. One that resonates with your clients.

But most of all, one you will be proud of.

That is my promise.

Have you been procastinating getting a website for your business?


Building a really great website for a client, for me, means building a strong, working relationship. You are not just a client but a partner. It's a project that we will work on together.

Once I have a better understanding of who you are, what your business is all about, and who your audience is, I can develop a design and layout that best suits you, your style, and your brand.

I believe it's very important to connect with your visitors. It creates trust and that leads directly to sales. My goal is to support you and help you grow your business online.



You are just as important to the success of your website as I am. With your input every step of the way, together we can develop the perfect website for you.

It should be an extension of you or your business.  Are you ready to begin?


The look of your website has to be aligned with what you are selling. Whether it's a product, a service or yourself, it has to be eye catching for it to be successful. Your input will be necessary as part of the design process.


The build will be structured around the concept of the "user experience". That means it must be functional and easy to use. Visitors need to find what they came for. Once the identity of your audience is determined,  we can begin. 


It's important to keep your website up to date. Regardless of your content, you want to keep people coming back. The best way to do that is by consistently adding new content. Choose the right maintenance plan for you.   




Design By Necessity is a unique approach to website design. Websites are created with a deep understanding of client identity and brand. The main goal is to provide the end user with an engaging experience to keep visitors coming back.


Whether the design is rich in colour, mixed with images (still or moving) or simple and elegant... the layouts are always clean, functional and very easy to navigate. You can choose a scrolling one page look (like this one) or a multi-page look providing the user with even more info "at a glance".

If you're thinking of starting a new business or you already have a small business, and you don't have time to make your own website, Design By Necessity is here to help you!

  • Website Design (Conception to Launch)

  • Focus on User Experience

  • Functional Navigation

  • Stylistic Designs

  • Content Strategy

  • Market Positioning

  • Mobile Friendly Layout

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Full Customer Support

  • Affordable

- Add Social Media links

- Add a Blog

- Add a Photo Gallery

- Add a Video Player or Music Player

- Add Integration for Pay Pal

- Add a Blog

- Add a Contact Form

- Lots more to choose from!







 Why is 

 Design By Necessity 

 Right for you? 








Here's what clients are saying...

Master Of Ceremonies

Portfolio Theme

I had a website already. I built it myself and tweaked it myself but it did nothing for me.  But in reality, it wasn't  a "website", it was an “excuse for a website”.  Enter Christian Pack.  He developed a visual story board, like in movies or television.  He went at it like one of those home-renovation shows where the family returns and can’t believe it’s the same place!!   I couldn’t be happier with the results.  It does NOT need to cost a fortune to be online but it must be done right or it’s a total waste of time, space and effort.

Christopher Mei

Master of Ceremonies / Host / Emcee

Quinndale Website.png

Quinndale Youth Soccer

Sports Theme

I'm the president of a successful soccer association. Christian designed our website and also maintains it. He does a fantastic job and the website is a major part of our success.

Charlie Polizzi

President, Quinndale Youth Soccer

Jem Renovations

Service Theme

I am the owner of a renovation company and I need to have potential clients find me and see what my business is all about. Having a great looking website brings in new customers. Christian was easy to work with and had some really great ideas to help me out. 

Gary Mudjar

Owner / Operator, Jem Renovations

Weathering Cancer

Blog Theme

Writing my personal story was important to me. Making my blog appealing to the reader was important to Christian. He did a beautiful job with my website. I just had to write it, and give him the photos I wanted, and he did the rest. I was thrilled with the professional results. 

Kim MacDonald (Cancer Survivor)

TV Broadcaster, The Weather Network







And let me know what's on your mind. Perhaps I can help.

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Build new websites from scratch




The possibilities are endless. Make your business flourish.

Start your website today!

Give your current website a new look

Maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Link to all your other Social Media Platforms

Allow users to contact you from your site 

Build a Subscriber Contact List for mass emails

Create a mobile version of your site 

Website Consultation Only - Review for improvements

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Design By Necessity is based out Hamilton and locally services the surrounding area for meetings in person. For out of town clients, we can Facetime or Skype if necessary.

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